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how to dress and display to be more fashionable

2022-01-24 16:20:50

For the male model props displayed in the window, it is the eyes of the store, and it is also the image endorsement of the store. The window display is exquisite, and the model wears perfect clothes, which will leave a good impression on customers. The creative theme of life is designed in men's clothing. Brand window display occupies a large proportion. Through the ingenious combination and arrangement of clothing, props, accessories, etc., a window display of life scenes that matches the upper-end consumers is created, so that customers are moved by the life atmosphere created.

Men's models in the window will be more interested in bright and handsome colors. Therefore, thicker images will be more popular, such as black, dark gray, light blue, brown, etc. I like displays with more distinct color combinations, such as white and black, silver and black, etc. These color combinations are also more popular with men.


In color matching, color matching methods such as hue, approximation, progression, tone emphasis, separation, and night color matching are usually used. Among them, color matching refers to color matching with certain same properties (cold and warm tone, lightness, and brilliance). Together, the more complete the hue, the better, and at least three hues are required. For example, if red, blue, and yellow of the same brightness are combined together, the natural rainbow is a good color matching. When men's clothing is displayed, the color should be Highlight the main color of the brand, high-end men's clothing has some main colors every season, and highlighting it in the display will help to highlight the brand culture and can also drive sales well.

Men's clothing is an industry that pays great attention to brand and quality. Even the high-end men's clothing styles are casual and formal. The two different styles of clothing should be displayed separately to show the styles of different high-end men's clothing. It will bring a low-end feeling to consumers and damage the image of the brand. Summer is the time when casual wear is popular. The store can highlight casual men's wear when it is displayed, supplemented by formal wear.