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What is the difference between animal FRP props and FRP animation cartoon sculpt

2022-01-20 18:55:18

Compared with ordinary sculptures, the production process requirements of FRP animation cartoon sculptures are higher, the surface treatment needs to be more detailed, the artistic level is more professional, and the production process should be more complicated. Cartoon sculptures will also be a bit higher in price than ordinary sculptures. Cartoon sculpture is a visual, tactile, sensible and knowable plastic art form created by human culture. The character design of the sculpture will leave a deep impression on the audience.


Animation cartoon sculpture image, it gives people a lively and complete impression, gives a stable impression; gives a sharp impression and so on. Generally speaking, there are two types of character design in cartoon sculpture, one is the non-natural image character created by imagination; the other is the image in reality and nature, such as characters, animals, plants, etc. All the characters in these cartoon sculptures are from real characters or animals and plants, but they are different from natural shapes. The designers endow these characters with new and artistic life states with their own wisdom and creativity. Therefore, The animation modeling of cartoon sculpture does not mean simple deformation or purposeless exaggeration and deformation. Creating a cartoon character must be experienced carefully. The modeling of each part is based on the external needs of the character's unique character, and at the same time, it must conform to the cartoon sculpture. production specific requirements.

Cartoon sculptures are divided into geometrical combinations, exaggerated deformations, and anthropomorphism. The design of animals, plants, props and other images is often processed by anthropomorphic methods. Mainly used in kindergartens, amusement parks, water park gates, shopping malls, children's playgrounds, store fronts, etc.

FRP cartoon sculpture is a relatively popular form of sculpture in recent years. FRP material has the characteristics of light weight, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, so the FRP cartoon sculpture itself is relatively light and has good corrosion resistance. , steam reacts with acid and alkali, and the design of the FRP sculpture is very good. Various styles can be made according to the needs. At the same time, the FRP sculpture can be painted with various colors, and the color is very bright.