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How to grab the customer's attention

2022-01-14 18:38:44

01. Grab the window of attention

Without attention, there is no traffic;

Without passenger flow, there is no guarantee for transactions.

Therefore, if you want to develop for a long time, you must detonate consumers' attention! For example, the reason for the rise of online celebrity stores in recent years is to arouse consumers' attention through visual marketing of scenes;

There is no store, no entity; if there is a store, we must find ways to attract customers' attention.

For a store, a higher appearance not only attracts more people to the store, but a higher appearance is also a condition for entering a shopping center.


02. Create lasting attention

Of course! Doing a good job in store visual marketing is only the first step to attract consumers' attention. It is also extremely important for physical brands to create highly recognizable products and images!

Nowadays, the homogeneity of goods is serious, and there is not much difference in the products sold between stores and stores. But there are tens of millions of brands in the same category, but there will always be a high sense of identity in our hearts, making you "must have it"

Drinking coffee, think of "Starbucks" for the first time;

To eat hot pot, I want to go to "Hi~Haidilao" for the first time.


Therefore, the vitality of the brand will become more and more vigorous if you find the strength of the brand, give customers a sense of belonging, and strive to narrow the distance with customers!