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Shop lighting design trilogy-reasonable lighting

2020-08-17 14:15:49

It's summer in a blink of an eye, and it's also time for your store to be ready to go, and be a good customer. Perhaps, where should we start, should we work hard? In this regard, as a business, you are still wondering and watching. We see that today, the groups who often shop and shop have higher expectations of the store experience. To meet the expectations of customers, except for the factor of personnel service, then the products launched are the first, and secondly, the image of the storefront.

When it comes to building a good store image, the following conditions are usually required: a highly creative theme, a reasonable space layout, a high-value soft-match, and high-quality lighting. Perhaps until now, there are people who believe that emphasizing image packaging is not desirable, and focusing on products is king. In fact, the form is the content, and the packaging is the product.

Well, store image and scene construction is a broad topic. So far, let's focus on the application of store lighting design. First of all, I think that the lighting and various creative luminous products must be liked by the merchants. Because, compared with theme planning, space engineering and soft outfit matching, its input cost is lower, and then the effect is the most obvious. Below, let's take a look at how to use customized lighting solutions to enhance the store experience!

Reasonable lighting

In the process of the implementation of the lighting plan, the design of reasonable lighting is more objective. The business or the person in charge only needs to introduce himself to the lighting designer and specify the needs. Generally, lighting designers will analyze and design scientifically, and choose three points by choosing lights and lighting: comfort, guidance, and display effects.


Take the restaurant as an example. The lighting of the restaurant should be comfortable, and the basic lighting should definitely not be too bright, otherwise it is like anxious to turn over the platform, and not too dark and shattered like walking in the park at night. Because when eating, people still need a relatively bright atmosphere.

The second point is for the display of products, in the restaurant, that is, the display of dishes. This is relatively simple to achieve, as long as it is matched with the special table lamp PAR20 developed by Myth, it can be solved well. When applying, pay attention to adjusting the height so that the spotlight spot can cover the dish placement area. The third point is the guidance of the light. Needless to say on the signboard. The other is the recommendation area. You can use the light to clarify. In addition, for different functional areas, such as the front desk, service area, and toilet, you must give meticulous and clear guidance.