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Technological innovation in shopping malls

2020-08-11 09:47:13

With the application of new technologies and new materials on Meichen, paper molds, acrylics, composite films, and mobile Internet interactive devices are all combined with Meichen. Participation, sense of technology, and creativity are integrated.

This large public art installation is called ‘Diffusion Choir’. Suspended in the atrium of the US Biomed Realty Building\

Content innovation in the shopping mall

When it comes to festivals in the past, the elements of Mei Chen must be closely linked to the festivals. The Spring Festival is red, Christmas is the hat, deer, and the elderly.

However, the repeated use of traditional elements can only make traditional elements less and less innovative and attractive. On the other hand, Mei Chen's content is becoming more and more extensive, and even seems to be not so matched with the festival. Christmas is themed by Snoopy and National Day is by the blue fat man. No matter what the content, the core point is to meet customer needs, or even to stimulate customers' unconscious needs.


Xingye Taikoo Hui's Play Me around the theme of "Dare For More Dare To Sing" is a theme that includes music flash performances, graffiti artist interaction and other activities. There, playing the piano is no longer just simply playing the melody, but also starting a journey of exploring self, expressing love and creativity.

resource cooperation innovation in shopping mall

In addition to the choice of content in the third point, the choice of resources also has a level of cooperation with these resources, which determines whether the shopping center spends money on beauty, or spends less on beauty, or It may be that Meichen is used as a means of income.


In summary, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of customers' aesthetic taste, if the commercial beauty of the shopping center wants to create a good business atmosphere and gather popularity, it needs to constantly innovate, and the specific approach should also follow With the changes in the industry and the market changing in a timely manner, we can continue to give customers freshness and stimulate consumption!