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The warm and cold colors of shopping malls

2020-08-10 14:26:50

Color has a great influence on the mall environment layout and image shaping, in order to achieve a beautiful and harmonious visual effect of the color of the business premises. Corresponding tones must be designed for various parts of the mall, such as the ground, ceiling, walls, surface, shelves, counters, stairs, doors and windows, and the clothing of the salesperson.



Display innovation in shopping malls

The important nodes of the past display installations are the so-called big festivals, such as traditional Chinese New Year and Western Christmas. Shopping malls often gather a lot of money and energy. The city is full of Christmas trees and the eyes are full of blessing stickers.

At the moment, shopping centers are beginning to focus more on small nodes, and even creating a beautiful node, such as an environmentally-themed display focused on environmental protection.