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Model number strategy

2020-08-10 14:23:50

In the window display, it is not that the more models the better, but sometimes one or two can be tedious. Different models have different placement strategies. Let's explore the strategy of model placement together!

Single model

Divide the floor space of the window into three equal parts. The window of a single model, the model is usually located in the middle of the window. Or you can put the model on the side of the window on the model stand, and match it with the props and background to achieve a visual balance. Or it is displayed in about one-third of the window, which is also the golden ratio of vision.

Double model

The model placement can be divided into four changes: front and back, left and right, height, and orientation. The interaction between the two models will add interest to the window. According to the unique posture of the models, they can create a sense of drama to create a situation and attract passersby.


Three person models and above

The 3 models can be divided into two groups and displayed in the form of 1+2. The positions of the models are the middle, the front and the back, and the chassis is arranged in a triangle. In this case, props can be equipped next to them to balance the weight and weight ratio of the two sides. Three models can also be displayed side by side. Although this way looks monotonous, it can enhance the sense of form. Models with more than 3 people can be in the middle, back, front, and middle positions, in an "N" shape or a mirrored N shape. The chassis of the three adjacent models are still arranged in a triangle. There is a triangular adjustment change before and after the position, but there will be certain requirements for the depth of the showcase. To create a sense of hierarchy, the depth of the showcase must be sufficient.