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How malls should shape ambient lighting

2020-08-04 09:33:36

The light of the sales place can guide the customers to enter the shopping mall, make the shopping place form a bright and pleasant atmosphere, make the goods display a bright and colorful, and cause the customer's desire to buy. The light is dim, the mall will appear dull and depressed, and the light is too strong, and it will make customers feel dizzy, and the shopping guide's vision is nervous and prone to errors.


01 Use natural light

It can not only show the original appearance of the goods, but also save energy. However, the natural light source is affected by the lighting of buildings and weather changes, which is far from meeting the needs of business premises, especially large-scale shopping malls are mostly artificial lighting. The artificial lighting in the mall is divided into basic lighting, special lighting and decorative lighting.


02 Decorative lighting

This is an integral part of on-site advertising in the business premises, with neon lights, electronic display screens, decorative Mine lamps, rice bulbs, patch lamps, etc., combined with some beautiful ornaments, which plays the role of auxiliary lighting while decorating. Generally speaking, the lighting of the business premises should be equipped with different brightness in different positions, the depth is higher than the entrance hall, and the merchandise display is higher than the passage, which can attract customers' attention.