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Place focal points at eye level

2020-07-27 15:55:25

For best results, place your display’s focal points at eye level. Whether your focal point is an accessory, outfit, signage or a unique structure, placing them at eye level increases the likelihood that the display captures attention and draws customers in.

Ask yourself “what do I want people to see first?” and use that as the centerpiece of your window display. 


Consider your store location 

If you’re a small retail store located on a street with a ton of foot traffic and near a ton of other shops, the way you approach your window displays will be different than if you’re located in an area that’s less accessible by foot. 

When you’ve got customers walking in front of your store regularly, you can get away with using smaller products and signage with details that are intended to be appreciated up close. 

If, however, your store’s located next to a busy highway, opting for a simpler window display that uses contrasting colors and features larger products will make it easier for people to register what they see as they drive by.