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Model prop manufacturer introduces the art of matching costume model props

2022-01-10 18:36:04

The matching of costume model props should have the following points:


1. There must be a certain storyline:

Before doing the window display, we must have a good idea of ​​the whole window scene. What kind of theme should we make? Whether it is business leisure or urban classics, or tourism and leisure, plan the corresponding storyline. The products to be displayed are consistent with the style of the brand, close to people, appearing to be substituted, reflecting a certain sense of life beauty and reality.

2. Pay attention to the placement of model props:

The display of costume models and props is one of the factors that restrict the beauty of the window. The placement of costume models and display props should pay attention to the beauty of far and near, high and low levels, and scattered beauty, like the composition of still life paintings. , And strive to create a comfortable aesthetic for customers visually. Generally speaking, the overall composition of the window is a triangular composition, and the overall impression is very balanced and stable.

3, pay attention to the style and color of the costume model props and the theme and color matching and unification of the background POP:

Since you want to use costume model props to promote your products, you must first do a good job of research on the product display of other brands, distinguish the advantages of the products displayed between different brands, and display the superior products of the brand on the window reasonably, which is to highlight the products of the brand. The personality, advantages and connotation of the company are the direct means of realizing effective visual marketing.

The display of model props and clothes should be harmoniously echoed with the background POP display, and the color of the props should also be echoed and unified. For example, the background shows the beach scenery, and the clothes we want to display are those that are more casual on the beach. For the clothes displayed in summer, they should be able to directly reflect the colors of summer, and use cold-toned clothes or light-pink clothes to bring consumers The visually refreshing impact of summer.

For the window display at the time of promotion, the clothes on display must show the clothes to be promoted, and the relevant product discount promotion activities should be reminded on the background or glass windows. The color of the background POP must have a strong impact , Use some bright colors to interpret the atmosphere of promotional activities.

The dressing of model props should pay attention to details. After dressing the model, the folds of the clothes on the model should be properly treated to reflect the natural beauty, give the model the real sense of the display effect of the props, and make the whole shop window. The scene is more vibrant.


4, we must pay attention to the creative design of the window display:

Creativity plays an important role in window display. Creative window will make consumers impress the brand deeply, make the brand image invisible in consumers' minds, and bring unexpected artistic and advertising effects.