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How to display high-priced clothing in winter

2022-01-07 19:25:55

Why pay attention to high-priced products on display?

Because like winter down jackets and autumn windbreakers, they are originally seasonal hot-selling items. If you don’t pay attention to the display, even the best-selling models with performance will not sell well, let alone ordinary models.


And precisely because of its seasonality, it is not sold in winter and becomes a stockpile in spring. Also, due to the high unit price, it is not easy to turn over the store in the long run.

The higher their prices, the more they can set off the lower prices of other products. Human psychology has a preconceived anchoring effect. Their existence will make customers feel that your other products are actually not expensive and cost-effective, so they choose to buy other products, which can promote orders.

Where should medium and high-priced products be placed in the store?

We should put it in the backyard of the store where we most want customers to stay.

How to display medium and high-priced products?


The price of high-end products should focus on their value, for example, coats should highlight the fabric and version.

Therefore, the use of model display will not only make the product easier to be noticed by customers, but also the effect of the fitting on display will be much better than the hanging one.

You can set up PP and VP points in the back of the store to focus on the display. Note that the single products should also be displayed nearby. Doing so can attract customers to the backstage, and also make it easy for customers to get the styles on the models.

Then pay attention to matching, matching can add value to the product.

Adding silk scarves, hats and other accessories to the full set of matching models may become the finishing touch to the styling, making the whole match more textured and more expensive, and may also increase the associated rate.



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