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Mannequin collocation method

2022-01-06 19:28:12

Before doing matching, we must be clear about the principles and methods of model matching, and avoid some unprofessional practices. In the same window, the style is not uniform, the colors or printing are too many details, there is no key style, the atmosphere is lacking, the fabric combination is not suitable, and the goods and props cannot be coordinated.

1.first step

First determine the theme of the window, and find the style of clothing suitable for the theme according to the theme.

2.Second step

Choose three models with uniform appearance and adopt a 1+2 model placement method.

3.third step

For the model to wear, you must first understand the different ways of matching clothes before putting on them. Same color matching: very harmonious visually, giving a sense of exquisiteness and exquisiteness. Contrasting color matching: In contrast, contrasting color matching requires excellent color sensitivity, which can give people the feeling of jumping. Good color matching can quickly become the focus of vision. Single-print matching: one of our commonly used matching methods, highlighting the single printing details, matching with other colors, giving people a sense of hierarchy and simple contrast. Multi-print matching: It is a test of aesthetics. The proportion and color of different prints will affect the overall effect. If you don't use it well, please use it with caution. After you know these matching principles, choose the appropriate style to match the model.

4.the fourth step

Finally, it enters the adjustment state, and adjusts the model's position, posture, collocation, details, application of accessories, and selection of props. For example, the positions of the models are in different orientations, no matter from which angle the customer looks at, there are positive model displays, and the postures of the models can also be varied. Rejecting rigidity and rigidity can allow interaction and communication between them, as if they are Two people are talking, which can vividly express the sense of the scene in the window. The basic principles of matching must be followed. Each model must have a color echo, avoid excessive and fancy colors, and fail to highlight key products. Good details can greatly increase the vividness of the model, and show the characteristics of each product more flexibly. If you do not find a suitable product in the color, then the accessories are the best supplement. Find the accessories of the same color to wear It can better interpret the integrity of the entire model group.




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