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The advent of winter brings a new window display theme

2021-12-29 15:46:01

Christmas theme scene layout window decoration props shop Meichen Luminous Christmas tree ornaments。Winter is finally here, and snow can be seen once a year for northerners, but the ecological changes in recent years and the greenhouse effect have also made the whole winter less cold. The long-awaited snow is hard to see. But creative people will not let the winter snow be hidden like this. Isn't this the source of creativity! Because snow will make the whole environment white. Then white is the main color of the window background, adding a little Christmas and snowflake elements, the whole window is bright.But there is no shortage of colors, there are pink, blue, and purple. Finally, our mannequins are placed, and the window design is perfect. It seems that our mannequins are not only practical, but also artistic.The only shortcoming is that the background color is too heavy, and the color of our cloth model is too light, which is easy to be overlooked.


The background change is the home of our male models, and the Christmas theme still needs to be applied. Sometimes fashion is pieced together without definition.This is a rich background on the whole, and it’s not very bright as a whole, because under a black background, they only show their solemn side. Therefore, the theme is linked to the time and season, and the inspiration comes from life and practice. Only a flexible combination can see its strength.The shoes are clean and the makeup is decent. The jewellery worn is also so exquisite and not exaggerated. The rich lady wears a satin cheongsam in everyone’s impression, with a graceful figure.


You see that our mannequins are also undergoing innovative revisions in this field. We were shocked by this update. The satin weave covered the whole body and matched it with a high-end chassis, which is a work of art.



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