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The secret of joint sales

2021-12-28 16:59:28

Why do joint sales?

Joint sales, also known as value-added sales, are a very important sales method in sales.

Doing joint sales is definitely to improve performance simply and rudely! Selling one item per transaction, compared with selling many items per transaction, obviously selling multiple items can improve store performance faster and faster.

One order can sell multiple pieces, and sales can directly double the growth.

For a large part of consumers, what they buy is the solution. It is better to have a complete set of matching plans when they buy them, rather than waiting for them to buy them home and have to rack their brains to match them.

Doing joint sales is to provide consumers with solutions to solve their daily matching problems in various occasions. Consumers’problems are solved, and repeat customers will naturally come.


How to increase the joint rate?

From December to February, this period happens to be the peak season for clothing sales with more holidays.

We can do more holiday promotions and discounts in our stores. In this way, we can create a shopping atmosphere and stimulate customers' desire to buy. How can we not buy new clothes during the holidays?


So can we take advantage of the consumer’s psychology to increase discounts and promotions in the store, such as: 20% off for two items, 30% off for three items, small gifts with full discounts, etc., to increase store sales through discounts and full reductions Rate, so that consumers can buy a few more pieces.



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