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Do this as per seasons, you will definitely sell it all

2021-12-20 16:39:17


1. The atmosphere in the store must be themed and the colors are uniform.

The atmosphere in the store most affects the mood of the customer in the store. The better the atmosphere, the longer the customer stays in the store.

In autumn and winter, the color of the clothing is warmer, especially in the earth. Therefore, the Visual Presentation point in the store is very suitable for using wheat ears, fallen leaves and other props, not only the autumn atmosphere, but also the color of the clothing.

Or the use of bicycles is so light and simple, but it is easy to make people's props, the theme of autumn tour is very strong.

2. Point of Purchase (POP)should be refined to guide customers to buy


Referring to Uniqlo's POP, the design is simple, the price is conspicuous, and the selling points are all displayed on a POP. Just like this discounted POP, the red color will be more eye-catching, plus the discount period, which will stimulate the customer's "there is no better price than today" desire of impulse buying.

Uniqlo's discounts looks quite high-level. The uniform size, font, and color don't look bad at all. Instead, they will make clients would like to know more about it.

Uniqlo will also put POP at the top of the laminate. It not only attracts the attention of customers outside the store, but also guides the customers in the store to watch the products and display the series of information.



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