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How to do a good job in the maintenance of the costume model props

2021-12-20 16:38:16

Model props are works of art in the clothing industry, so they will also be worn and damaged, so learning to maintain them will reduce the wear and tear of model props, and the service life will be relatively longer. Next, please take notes and remember the following four tips for maintenance of costume models and props!


1. Try not to place the model in direct sunlight or a place where the spotlight is too strong. Frequent exposure will cause the paint on the surface of the model to change color.

2. When placing model props in shopping malls, try to put them on the side (that is, not easy to be knocked over or tripped by customers), because some models are fragile products made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, if they fall down, the accessories of each interface position It is most likely to fall off and make the model unusable.

3. Be careful during use. When assembling or disassembling the model, try to put each model part on a soft object to avoid touching or scratching the model props, especially the parts of the model. The edges and corners of the joint are most likely to collapse and cause gaps.

4. When the model is accidentally soiled, the following methods can be used to clean it. The surface of the model props is white paint, depending on whether the model has just been used or has been used for a long time. If you have just used a white model, you can use a clean damp cloth or eraser to wipe gently. When using the eraser, you should wipe it gently. Otherwise, the part you wiped out is much brighter than other areas; if it has been used for a long time If so, you can use a clean damp cloth with a little detergent for cleaning, because the white model that has been used for too long will turn yellow. When the surface of the model props is painted with other colors, the most common use is eraser and detergent. But there are some stubborn ones that cannot be removed. At this time, consider using universal water for cleaning. Pay attention to the concentration of universal water. If it is too thick, it must be diluted with water before cleaning, or the paint will not be washed off.



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