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How to use VP to get customers into the store

2021-12-16 14:18:25

Shop window

When we are shopping, our attention on the product may only last for seven seconds. In these seven seconds, we have already made a decision to enter the store or turn around and leave. This is the famous "Seven Seconds Marketing Law". These seven seconds not only determine the shop’s entry rate, but also establish the customer’s purchase rate.


The window is the most direct window for each brand to convey its brand culture to consumers, and it is the first threshold for customers to screen products.

The display of the shop window will directly affect the shop entry rate and purchase rate. Therefore, the shop window should have distinctive brand characteristics, and display corporate culture, fashion trends and other major factors to the greatest extent.

VP at the entrance


When the shop does not have a window, what will we be attracted to and the idea of ​​entering the shop? Naturally, we will be amazed by the flow table at the entrance of the store. Therefore, it is not a problem if there is no window. We can "do something" at the entrance and set up a group of VP points in this area to achieve the effect of attracting customers to the store.

In-store VP


In addition to the window/entrance, we can also set up VP points inside the store. Setting VP points here should also follow the principle of being seen by customers at a glance. Therefore, in accordance with common sense, it should be set in the most eye-catching area to highlight the main push of the season. Commodities are sold together with other products to complete the conversion rate of purchases and joint purchases.

These VPs have a common feature, which is to combine various categories of goods, and use various props, models, etc. to combine to make the merchandise display area a stage with scenes and pictures.



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