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How to display autumn skirts?

2021-09-16 18:14:17

First is the dress. In the early autumn, the design dress is very suitable for a key display, matching accessories, plant atmosphere, will attract more visitors.

Dresses are generally long and light, so be sure not to stack them. In order not to look messy, the editor recommends to display them in groups of 5 when they are hung on the side, with all sizes available.

When there are more styles, you can only display two different sizes for the same style. A small display will look neater and more advanced.


When hanging on the side, pay attention to the spacing between each dress. The distance between the fist and the five fingers is just right, so that customers can see the style from the side and hold it well.

In autumn and winter, dresses are also a very good interior, so they can be displayed with suit jackets and T-shirts, which not only emphasizes the fashion and matching of dresses, but also promotes joint sales between single products.


To sum up, display the dress:

1. A set of 2-5 pieces, complete sizes, do not stack;

2. Pay attention to the distance between each piece on the side hanging, and make a fist with the length of five fingers;

3. Display with jackets and T-shirts.



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