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How is the fitting room displayed?

2021-09-07 18:02:56

Psychological security

The fitting room is a very private occasion. When it highlights the simplicity and fashion and individuality, the protection of consumers, especially women, is indispensable.

Although the use of curtains is convenient and space-saving, attention should be paid to increasing the closure, avoiding embarrassing scenes, and giving customers full respect.


Fitting room lighting

The brightness of the light in the fitting room can not be very high, which can make the customer feel safe psychologically, but it needs to be equipped with a brighter light near the fitting mirror to make the display effect better.

The heating and cooling of the lights can also be adjusted according to seasonal changes to make customers feel more comfortable.


Fitting room color

Color has a great psychological impact on customers. Different shades of light will bring different psychological feelings. The color of the fitting room can be designed according to the style of the brand and the size of the space.

The space with very distinctive wall colors will also leave a deep impression on consumers.

Fitting room ideas

The creative fitting room design can satisfy consumers' visual experience, and the desire to buy is greatly increased.

As a "dead corner" of the display that clothing stores must not ignore-fitting rooms, we need to think more about the customers, and spend more time in the fitting rooms to increase the pleasant shopping experience of customers, which can often play a finishing touch.



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