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How to break the silence of guests

2021-08-31 11:45:49

1.find the right time to talk

If you enter the customer’s thinking range in advance, or even introduce products reluctantly, before they have found the target, or before they have found a product that interests you a little bit, you will often be resisted by their current psychology.

At this time, you have to learn to wait patiently. For silent customers, certain options must be given, including physical space and time space.


2. we must find ways to reduce the psychological pressure of customers as soon as possible

If the customer is willing to ask questions, then you have to use his topic to turn it into a reason for proximity, and then to mention some topics that they are more concerned about and easy to answer.

Most customers will feel the hospitality and entertain the next step of the product introduction process. At this time, while you guide the customer to a certain product, you can also understand his needs and introduce the product more purposefully.

At this time, customers are basically willing to listen to you. The longer you stay in the store, the higher your transaction rate will be.


3. What will you do while the customer stays in the store to browse

First, the salesperson should keep a certain distance from the customer and don't follow it closely;

Second, do not do things that have nothing to do with work. Internet access, chatting, eating, reading, etc. are the most taboos during this time, because these behaviors can hardly convince customers that you are a regulated brand;

Your behavior must be work-related, and it is best to be dynamic, so that you can easily observe the status of your customers and find opportunities, for example, you can change the display, do model matching, and so on.



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