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Hanging display in autumn and winter

2021-08-16 15:06:36

Form a series of colors with side hanging and laminate

The colors of the front hanging should be in series with the side hangings and laminates. The colors echo each other to make the store more tonal.

In addition, the single product display is best placed on the side hanging rod next to it, otherwise it is just placed there, but there is no chance of a deal.


Finally, it is also the key display of the store-models.

Models show customers not only visual points, but the most important thing is collocation, so the collocation on the model is extremely important

A. Contrasting colors: great visual impact

Contrast colors have the greatest visual impact, so they are also the most attractive. In the softer autumn and winter, the contrasting color matching on the models can definitely attract a large number of customers.

B. Similar colors: soft and similar

Because they are similar, they will also present a soft and comfortable visual effect, so pay attention to the difference in brightness when matching, and it is recommended to use the same saturation but different colors.


C. Achromatic: avoid visual fatigue

Achromatic, as its name implies, means no color. Generally, it can be divided into five types: black, white, gray, silver, and gold.

Achromatic is more calm and generous, and it can avoid visual fatigue.

Achromatic color is very suitable for color matching, easy to highlight other colors, so as long as any bright color single product, small accessories or even props on the model, it is enough to easily light up the whole body matching.



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