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Autumn and winter side hanging display method

2021-08-09 12:13:24

1. Key style

In the side hanging, the keyboard display is the easiest way to display, and it can also break the depressed atmosphere between the clothes and give the shop a tone, because the black and white and interspersed display makes the products look rhythmic. .

For thicker styles, Mr. Yuxian recommends that while the keys are displayed, the depth and lightness should be just right.

At the same time, pay attention to the interval, the interval is 10-12cm in autumn and winter, and 16-18cm in winter.


2. Gradual

The keyboard style can make the side hanging have a sense of rhythm, so the gradual function is to add a sense of high-level to the side hanging. Generally, it is recommended to display from left to right, from shallow to deep, which will be more in line with people's visual habits and can also create a more Good visual effect.

In addition, we can also display coats and sweaters in series according to clothing categories. Note: Do not exceed 3-4 colors on the same group of side hanging rods, otherwise it will be counterproductive, and it will look messy and not high-quality.


3. Laminates, stacks and side hangings echo

In addition to the display of clothes, the laminates also need to be displayed. Most shopkeepers ignore this. The same series of bags and accessories can be displayed on the laminates. The models can also be matched with the clothes on the side rails.

Jewelry display can also play a matching effect, making the whole set of matching more integrated, so it can also increase the joint rate.



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