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What do the shops that guests enter into their doors look like?

2021-08-06 18:17:05

The quickest shortcut to success is to learn from successful people. In the same way, if you want to know the secret of why customers take the initiative to enter the store, we need to know what the stores that can do this look like.


1. Very Eye-Catching

In this fast-paced society, people are full of impatience, even if they are shopping, they are not so patient. So we often say: the time left by the customer is only 3 seconds.

If he passes through your store and sees it, there is no desire to enter the store within 3 seconds, then you lose a single. So how to seize the customer's mind within 3 seconds is especially important.

If you want to make your store an explosion, we recommend these 3 tricks: special materials, strong colors, and unique products.

2. Guided
After you are eye-catching, you have to guide customers into the store and go shopping.
After shopping for a long time, the customers found that the smart shop will be extremely user-friendly in every corner of the store, setting different tips and guidance.
You can use POP, you can use a light card, or you can deliberately design the channel to be wide and tight, completely controlling the customer's walking route.
3. Good atmosphere
After entering the store, the important thing is the atmosphere. Now many sports brand stores have a small design, so that customers can see or experience the texture.
It may be light, or it may be taken out of the material in the clothes to make a small specimen.
The sense of the scene is even simpler, giving some ambience props. I recommend you a few wild models: bicycles, green plants, balloons.





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