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How to keep the guests to the store

2021-08-03 16:12:57

1. Casual look customer:

This kind of customer is generally more shy, and will go around first after entering the store, and will find you if there is a need.

Therefore, if you encounter a customer who turns a blind eye to you after entering the store, and does not look back at the store, you should not disturb him, at most you can say welcome. Just wait for him to come to you for help, just serve him with all his heart.


2. Comparable customers everywhere:

This type of customer is a test of your professionalism and patience. Don't be disgusted with him comparing your clothes with others. Instead, you have to help him compare from the three points of fabric, price, and collocation.

Give him a substantive introduction as much as possible, and finally let him make his own decision. In this process, he will also compare the two services. If you explain patiently, you will have an advantage ~ it is very likely that you will pay the bill directly.


3. Let's talk about customers next time:

At this time, you should think about where customers are dissatisfied with the product. Generally speaking, 70% of customers are because of the price, and the rest is the color and style.

You must continue to maintain a cordial attitude. First, tell him that this dress may not be available next time, such as "This is sold very well, and I won't have it next time", "The last day of today's event" and so on; Whatever you are satisfied with, and if you can make adjustments, make adjustments as much as possible.

If you really don’t buy it, add a WeChat account to indicate that the next time you have the same item, you will give priority to telling him to gain a good impression.



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