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The role of display

2021-06-29 13:56:24

1. Change the display frequently to effectively increase the rate of shop entry:

In fact, for the goods operated by clothing stores, fashion trends come and go quickly. Therefore, every time a trend blows, the appearance of fashion stores should also be completely new. The windows and flow tables should be replaced with new seasonal products, and the decoration should also conform to the settings of the current season. For example, the new products in autumn must have the theme of autumn, and some changes should be made in the display and decoration to make the store a new face.


2. Display can extend the store time:

The winding path is actually about moving lines. Whether customers can stay in the store longer or not, the setting of moving lines is very important. Therefore, the layout of the containers in the clothing store should be conducive to the walking of customers, and continue to walk, giving customers a fascinating feeling.


3. Display can increase the associated rate:

Put together the series products needed by the same type of consumer objects, or put together the styles that are often matched. For example, put men’s shirts, suits and ties, tie clips, etc. together, and put autumn and winter outerwear with hats, scarves, etc. together.



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