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Top three visual merchandising tips for clothing stores

2021-06-10 16:36:08

1.      Consider layout

Your shop needs to encourage customers to explore every aspect of your store. For items displayed in the window, as well as your bestsellers, it is a good idea to have these placed at the back of the shop. This way you make sure to maintain the flow of the shopping experience and customers have a good chance of looking around all of your stock and, hopefully, increase their purchase.

Try and use bright and bold looks at the front to capture initial interest and then gradually stagger your aisles, or use different types of clothing rails to make customers weave through your store. At AFELLOW Displays, we offer all kinds of clothing and dress rails such as circular rails, vintage rails and spiral rails to add variety to your store.

2.      Adopt vertical merchandising

Another effective visual merchandising technique in clothing stores is using vertical layering. This means stacking items in the vertical layer to try and increase cross-buying. Instead of having all of your stock of jumpers covering a shelving stand, you have the first shelf for the jumpers, the second shelf for the top or shirt to wear underneath. The third shelf would have trousers, and the bottom shelf would include either accessories or footwear.

With this technique, it is wise to build to ideal outfit and use mannequins or posters of models to display the outfit in full. Your shelving can then reflect all of the elements involved to help buyers ‘shop the look’.

3.      Window displays

Windows are the ideal place to highlight key pieces in your collection and make your goods really stand out. Dress up your window displays regularly with the new season looks and make the clothing look inspirational. Merchandising signs can help to highlight the benefit of the products. However, the focus should be on the clothes, outfits and lifestyle that your products enable the customer to have.

Once you have attracted browsers to head in-store, you can then mirror your exciting window displays inside the store by using end caps. This means using display areas at the beginning of aisles to encourage people to browse the rail for shoppers to find their favorite color or item that they have seen displayed on the end cap.

Make your visual merchandising attention-grabbing

In a store where space is limited, and the stock is plenty, you need to make sure that you correctly utilize the area to encourage sales. Visual merchandising equipment such as point of sale items, low tables, shelving and rails can help to maximize your space for stock while making it easy for the customer to browse. If you are looking to increase sales, then consider investing in visual merchandising equipment to help your products fly off the shelf, or clothes rail.

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