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Display misunderstanding

2021-06-07 09:59:37

Display ≠ random display of goods, marketing skills are of course important, and display is a skill to display goods in a charming way to attract consumers to buy-using color matching and display rules to match store design, window, and aisle Elements such as planning, models, props, light sources, POPs, product albums, etc., are used to display the image of the product and brand, express the appeal of the business, and finally look at the process of buying.


Display ≠ extravagance and waste. A good display can attract customers into the store, promote sales, show brand style, guide consumers' ways of dressing, and enhance the added value of the brand.

Display is not a panacea. In fact, display is restricted by many factors, such as product attributes, brand concepts, store space restrictions, and many other factors that can affect the methods and methods of display. Is it possible that one display can increase sales suddenly? The showcase is not a god either.

We need to take a long-term vision. It is simple to increase sales in the short term. Promotions can also be achieved. But what are the benefits to your store and brand? It will only make your products and brands cheap, not beneficial.


The display is a way of conveying product information and conveying the charm of the product, creating a good customer experience for customers, allowing the store to leave a deep impression in the minds of customers, and becoming a visual marketing strategy that affects customers' purchase decisions in the long term.



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