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Highlights of shop display in summer

2020-12-09 14:32:37

The material of the shirt is very easy to wrinkle, so we should pay more attention to display it. At this time, the model using the upright posture is a good choice.

First of all, before taking it out in the warehouse, we have to iron each shirt to reduce the wrinkles on the shirt, so that customers who are exquisite will be willing to buy it.



Skirts are definitely the main promotion in summer, so you must use models for display, and it is best to use full-body models or dress form models. Even long dresses with stacked skirts are not effective.



There are really too many types of bottoms, the most common are the two types of skirts and pants, so we can choose the matching bottoms according to the clothing of the upper body of the model, and the redundant ones are stacked.


Although it is summer, in fact, there will still be jackets in the store, such as sun protection clothes, thin sweaters, although the amount is not large, but they can not ignore their display. 


And here is a little trick! It is necessary to use structural display! You can't let your coat hang there empty, it must be matched with the appropriate clothing, such as T-shirts, skirts, and even accessories! This can make your display look exquisite and convenient for customers to take and try on at the same time. Is it the indirect sales?




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